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DíDí Milano is the new charming young professional cosmetic brand that combines the high quality with the great care in the preparation of the products.

The companies that have created the DíDí Milano project represent two parallel but complementary production realities in the best Italian tradition of family business.
Coper snc, founded in Milan in 1964 has been operating for more than 50 years in the cosmetic industry and creates high quality face and body lines. Edoardo Pollini – Dídí for all his friends – is the son of the founder and the current owner of the company, and gave inspiration to the brand.
Vertigo Srl (dottsolari.com), founded in 1985 and currently run by the second generation, has its origins since 1840 in a small barber shop and now presents itself as a company of modern and international character, specialized in hair care products.

DíDí Milano pursues an ideal of pure and simple beauty combined with the wellness culture as a source of health and self-care. Italy, home of taste and style and Milan, the fashion capital, are the ideal setting in which DíDí Milano positions itself.

DíDí Milano addresses to all the experts in the beauty industry and to all the beauticians who want quality products, constant research and beauty care.

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